Our Repair Services


We are passionate about getting your operation back online, running at optimal speed, and producing the highest quality product.


When your roller arrives at our facility, we will use our years of experience to evaluate it completely. We will then advise you of any necessary repairs and work with you to find the either optimal covering choice for YOUR application.

Types of Core Repairs

We will apply our experience to evaluate the most cost-effective and timely course of action to get your roller back making money for you.

  • Bearing Fit and Shaft Repair
  • Header Repair / Replace
  • Cracked Welds
  • Loose Headers
  • Bent Shafts

Maintenance Service

Our goal is to simplify your equipment maintenance by taking care of all of your roller related problems.

We can:

  • Provide a new core
  • Provide chrome plating, ceramic coating, a Teflon sleeve, or other special coatings
  • Repair, replace or recover bowed rollers
  • Provide rubber or paint to cover the ends of your rollers